Vina Joomla Flat Weather is a powerful weather module for Joomla 3 developed by VinaGecko that supports switching between two different weather API sources or Yahoo. It allows you to display weather datas (with 5 View Type: Simple, Today, Partial, Forecast and Full) in beautiful layout. Temperature can be viewed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit mode. The module comes with an attractive flat UI css stylesheet, and uses the weather icons font to provide attractive and scalable visuals. This module is very useful, easy to configure.

Default options : Full view, Openweathermap weather

Configure Module as Demo :

Display City Name Only : No
Select API : Yahoo
Forecast : 5
View Type : Full
Loading Animation : Show
Units : Auto
Background Color : #2ecc71

Today only detailed view and display city name only

Configure Module as Demo :

Display City Name Only : Yes
Select API : Yahoo
View Type : Today
Background Color : #1abc9c

Forecast only view, no loading animation from yahoo weather

Configure Module as Demo :

View Type : Forecast
Loading Animation : Hide
Units : Metric
Background Color : #34495e

Background Image

Simple view

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