Vina Insta Image Show is premium Joomla 3 Module allows creating marvelous grids of Instagram photos and sharing them in gorgeous galleries. Vina Insta Image Show is an easy-to-use, completely flexible, premium solution which will become an irreplaceable tool for sharing your photos on a website with jQuery and presenting them in a beautiful grid. Upload photos from any public Instagram account, use hashtags and unite these sources for creating an eye-catching photo set. Moreover, adjust sizes and customize colors – we've developed the module which will look like you want. To convince you of its potential check its Online Demo!

Demo 01 : Default

Configure Module as Demo

Columns (Integer) : 4
Rows (Integer) : 2
Scroll Control : No
Direction : Horizontal
Free Mode : No
Effect : Slide
Scrollbar : Yes
Info : likesCounter, commentsCounter, description

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